“Tell me and I’ll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I will understand.’”
Chinese Proverb

We believe every ‘little person’ is unique with differing needs and interests and so they need to be supported and nurtured to allow them to explore the world around them in their own style. Our aim at Monkey Puzzle is to channelize their path to make them confident, self-motivated learners in an emotionally safe and secure environment.

Children will be provided with a variety of equipment and materials appropriate to their levels of learning, encouraging them to make their own choices. The nursery follows the guidelines and statutory requirements laid down in the Early Years Foundation Stages and Every Child Matters incorporating all areas of learning.

At the heart of our success is our in-depth knowledge of how children learn – through choosing, trying and doing themselves.

Never bored because never the same!

We believe young minds need to be constantly stimulated to get those cognitions sparked up and for this we have our discovery and role play corner which will have new adaption every week. This not only encourages new ideas but also allows the child to experience a new role and a new discovery week after week

Community Playthings

Our furniture, frames and dividers are sourced from Community Playthings. Based in East Sussex, Community Playthings have been committed to manufacture equipment for nearly 100 years now. Each item is designed to support open-ended play with a perfect learning environment


Cooking Sessions

We have regular cooking sessions with children giving them the taste of every nation promoting unity and diversity. This ties in with our equal opportunities and promoting good values.
Community Work

Children are our future and we want to make our best investment in them by giving them the opportunity to grow not just in home and at the nursery but by being part of the bigger community. We regularly will be holding charity events to promote local welfare and wider community welfare via various local charities and local events and children will be encouraged to help us in promoting this work in their own little way. This we believe will give them a sense of supporting society from an early age.


At Monkey puzzle our commitment to ensure that every unique child is nurtured in the right environment with a positive key worker to bring out their unique style of learning will mean that children are able to make rapid progress and deliverance in their Prime and Specific areas of learning as standardised by EYFS. Our material and every corner in the nursery thrives to bring out the maths and literacy genius whilst promoting excellent interpersonal skills and physical and mental development. Parents will always be a key centre of their little one’s learning progress, allowing them to feed into their online learning journals.


Monkey Puzzle Ware believe in overall safety and security of all its children, their families and our staff.

If you need any more additional information in terms of Safeguarding please do not hesitate to contact our Management Team on 01920487200 and they will be more than happy to assist you at any time.

Dr Do Little

Our honorary board consists of a Consultant Paediatrician, Gynaecologist, Dentist and Child Psychiatrist, who will be conducting regular talks during our Cup Cake Evenings and parents, will be invited to these evenings and can always get some useful tips.

Cup Cake Evenings

Our Ethos is centred in delivering a holistic approach in child development and this can be achieved by having the primary carer on board and to ensure that we have the best for our children we organise regular cup cake evenings where parents can come along to see their little ones journey at the nursery and meet the team for regular updates.

Multisensory Room

Multisensory activities involves two or more senses at the same time, that is incorporating visual, auditory and tactile stimuli into a learning environment all at once, which almost instantly promotes in a child the exploratory, investigative instinct of learning and once these connections of learning are made, they form a strong foundation in the brain making them use the instinctive method or performing everyday tasks. The Multisensory room is specially designed to achieve this area of working in a child and as said before they will never be bored as it will never be the same!